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Your destination for motivational speaking that inspires and empowers you to embrace your worth, nurture your mental health, and cultivate healthy relationship communication.

Communication Tools Shopping

On a quest for self-growth and better communication? Check out my curated Amazon list of top tools I've collected over the years. Dive in and empower your journey today!

Small Biz Website Creation

Finding the Fantastic: Empowering small businesses with tailored website design solutions to fuel growth and success.

Empathetic Listening

Need to be heard? I've got you covered with my 'Empathetic Listening' service. It's all about you - your stories, feelings, thoughts. Book a 30 minute to 1 hour session (or more if you fancy) and I'll be all ears. Ready to be listened to? Just hit that 'Book Now' button. You're worth it. Let's make sure you feel that way!

Character Development

Unsure about your unique strengths? Let's uncover them together with my 'Character Development' service. We'll explore your inherent value and diverse skills. Ready to embrace your fantastic self? Just click 'Book Now'. Time to let your inner star shine!

Communication Coaching

Struggling to express your feelings or feel misunderstood? Let's change that! With my 'Communication Coaching' service, we'll work together to improve how you share your thoughts and feelings. Ready to be understood and understand yourself better? Just hit 'Book Now'. Your true self deserves to be heard!

Be yourself the journey is hard but worth it


Because its more important than a work out

But only for small business

Meet Colleen: Founder of Finding the Fantastic

Finding the Fantastic is a coaching service that helps people understand and improve their unique qualities, assisting them in performing better at work, strengthening relationships, and communicating effectively.

Through Finding the Fantastic, she encourages everyone to embrace their unique journey towards mental health and well-being, highlighting the importance of self-acceptance and support. 🤝💖

  • Encouraging open dialogue around sensitive topics like suicide, self-harm, and neurodivergences.
  • Emphasizing the importance of self-acceptance and support in mental health journeys.
  • Celebrating the art of being different and embracing individuality.
  • Prioritizing the creation of safe spaces for open, non-judgmental discussions and self-expression.
  • Equipping leaders with effective communication skills to foster strong, collaborative team dynamics.

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Ready to embark on your personal growth journey? We're here to help! Get in touch with our team at Finding the Fantastic to learn more about our coaching services and how we can support your unique journey towards success.