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You look unhappy.

You look unhappy.

What brought this upon you? Your a fantastic person but you still look so unhappy. What nightmare has caused you to drag day in and day out. What curse has made you think your soul is being taken by each moment?

Most people walk and live and drive everyday with the feeling that their very life is slipping away and they have no control over it. They lose their dreams they slowly give up on their hopes. In such a dark dragging world what makes each person get up every morning and live it again? What drives someone to just say “To **** with it”

Its becuase you are unhappy. That same unhappy force that makes you feel depressed and sad is the force that drives you to fight it. You know that deep down you can and will always fight life. Because you refuse to just stop. I applaud you. I encourage you. I support you. Whatever wicked real broadway show is playing out in your life you know that if you just woke up and started you might find the hope and dreams at the end of the show.

For those continuing. I am here to encourage. For those to broken to take another step. I am here to help.

Find your Fantastic. Because you are fantastic.

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