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So write down hard what hurts you. Write so hard.

Write down hard what hurts you. Write down every word. Every sentence. Every adjective. Write it hard with passion and zeal. Write until your body aches and your mind has no more letters to print. A problem people have these days is that no one has someone to listen to them. Or we use social media in a last minute desperate plea to be heard but in reality we only cause people to ignore us.

Words are powerful and I when it comes to the words in our own mind they are the most powerful of them all for we are our own worst enemy. We are mean, hurtful, hateful, discouraging and worst of all hopeless to ourselves. So do yourself a favor and get all those letters all those words out of your mind and write them hard with all your energy on paper. Then, once you breath and allow the fresh air to fill your cleaned out head stop and look at what your just wrote down. Read it. And look at the bully the lives inside of yourself.

Take that paper. Take that hateful hopeless paper and burn it. Tear it. Overcome it. Write over it. Take your free and clear mind and start writing slowly. Slowly take the moment to write words of love, hope, joy, life, acceptance. Even if you do not think they are your words still write them. Write and journey forward knowing that the possibility exists that you can overcome the monster within……

So write down hard what hurts you. Write so hard.

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  • Susan · January 31, 2018

    I guess I am blessed – don’t have those hurtful words. I have a thankful life. Happy!

    • tiberius · January 31, 2018

      Wahooo then you are Finding Your Fantastic!