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To forgive and forgiveness are they the same thing?

To Forgive and Forgiveness is an amazing concept the idea that someone wrongs you in such away that it hurts your mind your heart and your body….. but you forgive them.

You literally let it go. You say enough I choose to mentally and physically over come what was done to me and let it go. Can you imagine that concept? I can hardly forgive someone when they cut me off driving let alone some larger event or issue. But what if I learned? Can I learn? Or can I just choose? Is forgiveness a learned trait or is it a chosen one? Is forgive and fogviness the same thing but different actions?

I think it’s more chosen and learned along the way. That in some small way if I make a tiny choice to forgive in a moment then everything afterwards will be learning forgiveness for myself. I will just breath and let it go. We can all just breath and let it go. Finding the fantastic in life is finding forgiveness and to forgive.

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