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The Dream Killer ->

Someone told me their life dream today it was beautiful and entirely impossible to imagine. How could a blue collar ordinary person achieve this.  Dreams such as these are meant for the lucky and the rich. In reality only 1% can truly hope to accomplish their dream.

I listened on to the passion and the zeal and for a brief moment I wanted to shrug it off and give the stereotypical “ok sure” or “maybe one day” but then I thought wait why couldn’t this person achieve this? And what if it all comes down to me encouraging her on?!?!? What if I am the true dream killer! All it would take is a simple ” Yes you can do it” Or if I really wanted to invest I could even see in what ways I could help her achieve this dream! All of the sudden I realized I could help make this persons dreams come true I could be like “Walt Disney!”

On my journey to find the fantastic in people I am realizing that I must start with myself that becuase of all the social constructs in life people are peoples worst enemies or greatest resources. I think its amazing how in a simple moment of listening to someones dream and then encouraging it I could become a dream creator instead of a dream killer.

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  • Marianne · September 28, 2017

    You go girl.

    • tiberius · September 29, 2017

      Yess! Thank you!