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Social Media Stole My Voice -_-

“I found my voice using social media its the only one who respected me and listened to me. I could say words and things that I desperately wanted to share but was always scared to say out loud. I found that social media was never mean or hurtful or disrespectful but gave me a space where I could post something so fast and right when I felt like saying it. Social media enabled me to be me and gave me a chance to feel special and wanted. It was an introverts dream and an extroverts adrenaline.

Then it stole my voice.

It was subtle I did not even realize it was happening social media was passively changing who I was. It demanded I turn into something more something better. I soon found myself being extreme and changing who I was to ensure I would gain likes and hearts from social media. Then I started to change my words. I felt the urge to defend my new fake self and ┬ábecame extreme with how I stated things or pursued passions with social media. The loving kind respectful area where I was able to share my mind was gone and social media stole my voice. No longer could I say what I was really thinking I could only share what I was feeling and if I did that to much I got judged and hated. Soon I could not even share my real emotions social media did not care, it had my voice and I was to continue on with my new fake mind. ”

The above story is how the world of social media as taken to many fantastic peoples voices over the years. What was once a wonderful area for human connection has become the breaking point for human relationships. To those who believe they need to be someone else because you are not “good enough” I say thee nay. I urge you to know you are FANTASTIC and I appreciate and respect you. You are not alone and you are valued should anyone ever need a safe place to share their mind their voice their emotions please contact me because……. People Matter.

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