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Reading a Person is Reading the Soul

Learning to read a person is a fundamental skill.

I do my very best when meeting with someone or just hanging out with someone to read them. To look to understand what they are feeling or how they are emotionally. I then base my actions and words on those reads. It takes a unselfish mind to achieve becuase you cannot think of yourself if you want to successfully read a person. You must be entirely focused on them. Their eyes, hand movement, smile or lack of smile.

Sometimes I read a person to much and I am way of base and other times I cannot read a person at all. But  when I do read the person just right I am given the unique ability to make them feel better. If is be just a smile or a somber shoulder to lean on I can create the atmosphere needed for the moment.

To read a persons soul and emotions is like reading the most award winning novel that has no ending and continues on in its adventure day after day.

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