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People are what make winter smell good

I got to meet you. I got you know you. I had the privilege to listen to you.

I adore meeting with people learning about them and listening to them people are the reason the air smells like memories during the holidays. They are the reason that music becomes an emotion.

People and their lives and their voices and unique perspectives. sometimes I sit and listen to someone and I cant help but smile becuase the words they are sharing becomes like a sweet story of adventure perspective and vibrance. People are my adrenaline they are my passion they are my adventure.

I want to know everyone. I want to experience everyone. I want the sweet personalities to invade my soul.

People are what make winter smell good. Summer feel warm. Spring air breathable and Fall leafs full of color.

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  • Susan · October 17, 2017

    Wow! Love this! You are fantastic!