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I was out of fun and I was tired and depleted

I did not feel appreciated. I felt overlooked and used without an inch of acknowledgement or an ounce of care. I was giving so much and they were taking everything but never stopped to notice my account was running out. By the time anyone did notice it was too late I was out of love and giving I was out of fun and I was tired and depleted.

I need to start realizing that no matter how much I want to be appreciated sometimes some people will just never appreciate me. And thats ok. Its ok becuase I should no longer play victim or believe that what I do or give is for them. Honestly my giving is rather selfish I give and do and create becuase I enjoy seeing others smile and be happy. If that is truly the case then when people over look me or do not appreciate me I should still smile and love and give. Because I appreciate me I was fantastic.

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