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Life is so much darker and sadder and fantastic then a stereotype

People say life is all about getting a degree of some sort getting a job that pays decent amount of monet finding someone to have true love with getting married having kids then grand kids and then just die. Retirement is about the true and only time that we are supposed to have fun but thats only if we have found someone to love and marry if not then thats our goal.

This stereotype sucks!

Why do I have to get married? Why do I have to have a family? Why do I have to do all this in that order? Life is so much more then this so much darker so much sadder so much exciting and fantastic. I refuse to believe it. I am not saying any of this is wrong but I am sorry that the idea of having to do it is right. People get sad becuase they have not found that special someone to love but I am happy becuase I have found 15 special someones to love! I may not marry them becuase they are my friends but I have just as much job and love and happiness.

I am going to break this stereotype I do not want to be live everyone else I want to be ME! I want to have my own life and shape and mold. I want to enjoy my retirement the same way I enjoyed my life! I refuse to wait for the last few years to find my fantastic.

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