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My learning disabilities —> Are my super powers

I. Have. Learning Disabilities.

Cognitive processing disorder. Synthesia. Dyslexia (curious? google them)

I felt stupid. different. weird.  The fact of the matter is when your 22 years old and cannot spell basic words in the office or cannot understand sentence structures becuase you do not think in a linear way. You are embarrassed and beaten. You stop trying to achieve great things and just get by with a right brain in a left brain world.

I am an extrovert junkie however when it came to anything like spelling or counting I would freeze like a snowman and literally die on the inside. My stomach building like a huge gas ball that wanted to implode into space. I was 25 and still felt this way.

I finally said ENOUGH! My learning disabilities can be a superpowers. From now on I tell people who pick on my writing or grammar that if you gave me a chance my unique way of thinking could change the world.

Point being. Give people a chance to be different. Just becuase its the way its been does not mean its the way it should be. I wonder how many times someone that was different could have cured world hunger but never did becuase someone failed them for misspelling some words.

Or how many people who thought differently could have housed the homeless but gave up on their ideas becuase they thought they were to dumb to achieve anything in a left brain world?



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  • Susan Shumaker · October 11, 2017

    Well said – Einstein had much in common with you – learning disabilities but the confidence to push through any way. Win Win! <3

  • Marianne Clyde · October 11, 2017

    Love your authenticity. We need to be more focused on encouraging others than picking them apart, for sure!

    • tiberius · October 11, 2017

      YESSSS I totally agree!

  • Linda · December 7, 2017

    You are just so open, honest and genuine. The last thing I would notice in your posts are spelling and grammar mistakes. I see thought and inspiration. Keep it coming, I’m inspired to find the fantastic!

    • tiberius · December 28, 2017

      Aww thank you!!!