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I adore making friends because they are  life’s Adventures

I adore making friends it’s an amazing adventure and I never know how things will turn out. A lot of people say they have a hard time making new friends. Especially as an adult. I understand because  in my early 20s I thought I had no friends and that  life was going to be this endless wake up go to work come home watch Netflix maybe workout if I could muster the motivation or energy then go to bed. Rinse and repeate.

Then one day I said enough I Refuse for this to be my life.

I may be poor I may not have the best job or most exciting life however I refuse to let this be an excuse for my current depressive normalcy.

I decided I was going to make friends anyway I thought possible. Everyday I was going to find something fantastic to laugh at cry  about smile with and enjoy.  People and friends were the answer they held the key to turning normalcy into a consistent changing cycle of adventure. People are fantastic the good the bad they help create my life’s amazing story.

So I adore making friends  because they are are life’s Adventures.

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