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Fight the disease. Fight achievement. Fight perfection.

Fear of failure. That terrible gut wrenching feeling that you will fail or can fail. It’s the one thing that can make the most amazing fantastic person lose grasp of their skill set. You can be the best worker or student or athlete in the world but if you get one ounce of the feeling of failure you lose any chance you had at becoming greater. It’s a nasty devours disease that begins to rot the the potential that is within us.

The cure for this “fear of failure” is a simple one however the process of the cure is almost nearly impossible because you will be fighting yourself.  And that is what makes a simple cure so impossible to defeat.

I fight the fear of failure all the time it eats away at my gut I always feel this need to be perfect or be the best. it has taken me a long time to get past this and to understand that failing is all part of the game we play with life. That some of my most important skills sets I learned because I failed and I would have never learned had I achieved. Stop and realize that failing is the cure for fear of failure. Its like how if you break a bone in the body it grows back stronger. Fight the disease. Fight achievement. Fight perfection. Start understanding its ok to fail.


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