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Failing is ok?! You must be joking! 

Failing is ok?! You must be joking!

All I ever hear is how its good to fail you will always fail! Well thats an amazing concept if I ever felt I got to the part were I started something to fail. I cannot even get my mind to organize my thoughts to create a plan to then attempt and then fail. People ask me “whatcha doing” I say “I have no freakin clue” the next words are well do not worry keep failing until you make it. People I cant even start it to fail it.

I think I have finally figured out how to fail. The failing is not the end result of a mission or task. The failing comes from just doing something over and over again with no results or no sense of achievement. I am not really failing and I am not really gaining, I am however doing. This makes sense to me people do keep asking me “whatcha doing” AH HA! I am DOING! I will continue to do and continue to fail at my doing until one day I achieve my goal. So I think I figured out how to fail, well at least I hope I have.

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