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Extraordinary people in Ordinary times

I am not a doctor I have no special trade or skill. I have many small skills like being able to draw a balloon or being able to clean a kitchen abnormally fast. I am one of those humans that wakes up everyday to a job that I appreciate and a life I live knowing I want to strive towards my passion. But truth be told I am not sure what my passion is. I wake up and live life I work out when my body is not killing me. I eat and sleep and exist. I strive to beat life at his own wicked game day in and day out he bullies me a lot and I get sad. But then I see someone smile and I think lets smile back lets keep moving forward.

I think a lot of people get forgotten. A lot of the ordinary people who are in fact not so ordinary but by the worlds definition are just plan…. get lost. The ordinary people are stuck in the great battle of life a roaring sound of the everyday routine that beats them like a pounding headache. They are on the front line trying to keep this world afloat. The ordinary battle back with their soul to beat life with love and hope and wonder. However what happens when the ordinary get forgotten? When they are left on the battle field alone and cold their love and hope and wonder stolen from them.

To be honest I am not sure what happens my story has not ended yet but I do know that I am determined to start looking for the forgotten. I will help those on the front lines battling life to find their fantastic because their stories matter they are after all extraordinary people in ordinary times.

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  • Marianne Clyde · November 23, 2017

    Such a compassionate heart you have Colleen. Love your words and thoughts. Happy Thanksgiving.