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Ever wondered why someone thinks they suck at life?

Have you ever wondered why someone thought they sucked at life? Life they genuinely think they cannot do anything right. People are not born this way we do not instinctively think we are bad at something or that we suck. In fact people are born the opposite children try all the time to do things not caring if they can or cannot. So why do teens and adults?

What happened? What made us feel like we are graded on a scale of life that we are bad at living and bad at being …. a person. Why do we think that just because we are not one way that we are wrong or somehow less?

Answer: Other people.

We are our own enemy to human kind. We decided that telling a young student to learn one way and to be one way was the new standard. We said if you cannot pass my class you ruin your future. We said your ugly or you do not talk right. We said because you have a disability you cannot be part of the “Cool kids.” We have told millions of adults that they are to dumb to ugly to unpopular to have a job or be successful. Its like as a human race we enjoy tearing down other humans.

But Why?

Can we please change this? Can we please start encouraging and opening doors for other people. Helping out human kind. Doing everything in our own power to make anther person feel fantastic. In a world of connections lets start connecting and helping. I have never meet someone who was not important.

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  • Susan Shumaker · October 14, 2017

    “I never met someone who was not important!” Love! <3