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Why does Disney get all the fun?

Why does Disney get all the fun? Why do the rich and the elite get to create the magic and the moments? Are not they all based off our extraordinary lives anyways? I sit in the theater and I watch a movie that makes me so happy and joyful that I want to scream! Its everything I want to create but I walk out and realize that for some strange reason life has said nope, you are not ever going to create something like this becuase you are not destined for it. You are born into a stereotypical class and therefore you will be normal.

But why? why can I not create something fantastic? Money? time? life? Yeah those are all reasons. however I am bound and determined to create something magical before I die or at least say on my dying bed I dared to try. I think the doing is the lacking in our normal lifes it keeps us stuck. But in reality we can create magic if we only started the doing.

Jobs passions business life relationships all can be created if only we dare to try. They may never be achieved but damned if we do not try.

Think about just the doing of it.

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