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We cannot change the person we must change the process.

I know I have something to offer!

I know I can help innovate I can help create I can help inspire! I want to be a public speaker, I want to give TedTalks, I want to break stereotypes. But I keep hitting road blocks that make it seem impossible to reach my dreams. The world keeps telling me I am not good enough or that I have nothing special to offer. I am an average human. Its me the person who is the problem.

We cannot change the person we must change the process.

The more I look at things the more I see that its not about changing the person its about changing the process. I am good enough. I do have something to offer. However I need to find a better process to get my thoughts and words to the public. I think this applies to more than just my personal goals but to humanity all together. Instead of looking to change the person look to change the process. Most humans want to help reach the same goal but the process is broken and inhibits them from achieving it.

Before I cast judgment on anyone I will look at the process before the person.

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