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Body Language


Its funny when I meet someone I never listen. I look. Most people try and listen for a name or an introduction the standard greeting. But I never do I find that if I look at a person I can learn more about them than any social standard “Hello”

What is a voiced “hello” anyway? Just a hidden word masked behind a body of fantastic possibilities. When I greet someone I look at them I make eye contact and carefully read their body movement and stance. I can in a moment tell what kind of day they are having or if they are interested in my being engaged in conversation. It sounds a bit crazy to read someones body language the moment before they say hello.  We are all so conformed to the stereotypical introduction that we have missed the FANTASTIC connection that a moment could have.

I think I learned this becuase of my own learning disabilities and that fact I had a hard time processing what a person was trying to communicate. It forced me to find more to think outside the box to engage with the human on a deeper level.

Unsure? try this: Right before and during someone comes to greet you STUDY them. I mean really pause not thinking about your hello or what you might say next. Just look at them. Open a deeper window.

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  • Marianne · September 23, 2017

    Love your advice to open a deeper window. Keep writing! You have good thoughts.

    • tiberius · September 24, 2017

      Aww thank you!