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I believe in the extraordinary people in ordinary times. 

Ordinary people. They are the very foundation of our success. Ordinary people are the very reason we keep moving forward everyday. Ordinary people who fight the routine everyday and never give up hope. I think they are more extraordinary people in ordinary times if we were truly honest.  It takes an extraordinary person to wake up everyday and fight for a life. It takes and extraordinary person to fight the daily grind of ordinary times.

We see people getting famous on social media and rich over the lottery. We know of  people becoming movie stars or just being popular in general. But what we forget are the others the ones continuing against the tides of life that works so hard to drown us. I believe the ordinary person I meet on the street has the resolve of a thousand strands of leather and the heart which never gives in. They are extraordinary people in ordinary times. I cheer when I see one of these people fighting against the beating ocean of life to achieve that dream they see and know is within their reach.

I believe in the extraordinary people in ordinary times.

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