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Authentic – You

I wake up and look in my closet I know I have a few meetings today and some will be with complete strangers. I view on the right a floral dress its blue and purple I have not worn it in years but its feminine and professional. Then I look to the left and I see a nice button work shirt clean and ironed. I think to myself that would go great with a nice tie and black pants with wing tipped shoes.

I stop. For a moment I think but what will people think of a girl in a tie? Wont I be judged and viewed differently? But then I think if I wear a dress I wont feel real. I wont be true. How can I walk into a room of strangers and expect them to communicate with me when I am a stranger to my own authenticity?

Most people want to know the secrete to creating meaningful relationships how does it happen or how do I start. The answer is with yourself. You have got to be true to your own authentic self before you can ever hope to build a relationship with a stranger. Wether its wearing certain cloths or talking a certain way.

If you are a stranger to yourself then you will be a stranger to everyone else.

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