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People will start to notice you are the only one in the room not lying. 

Everyone lies.  No matter who you meet or how long you have known them everyone lies. Its a basic instinct to lie and one does not have to tell an untruth to do it. One must simply never tell the truth about who they are as a person. By never being authentic and never telling the truth about themselves they continue to lie about who they are. I am not saying this is a bad thing I believe that people should be very leary of trusting to much and opening up themselves. I am stating that everyone lies and everyone can tell when you are lying.

I do however believe we should be more authentic with who we are to other people. I think when we lie too much about who we really are we become this fake thing. A fake thing that never really ever achieves much of anything becuase we are caught up in our own lie. However to be authentic with others to really show them who we are at the core we have the ability to create something magical. We have the ability to make trust and belief and connection. So next time instead of being a lie and fake try being authentic and true and see what wondrous things unfold before you. People will start to notice you are the only one in the room not lying.

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  • Vanessa Wagner · November 15, 2017

    Great thoughts on authenticity!

    • tiberius · November 16, 2017

      Thank you! Its sooo important to be authentic!