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Whatever you are feeling just hold and freeze.

Do not give up.

I know you have been going for what seems like an eternity. You have been fighting and and pursuing never stoping and at times pushing through pain and stress and sleepless nights. You have always believed that if you just keep going you can and will achieve your dreams and passions. But you have hit a wall and you are just are so tired and you have worked so hard. Its been years or months and you are now at the point were you think its never going to change I will always do the same thing day after day night after night. Whats the point? Its time to stop. Its time to rest and accept.


Whatever you are feeling just hold and freeze.

I know it seems impossible I know you are tired and beat down. I know your dreams seem like your walking in snow thats up to your waist. But DO NOT GIVE UP.

You are at a point that you need to stop and breath. Life is trying to get you worn out and overstressed. Life is trying to make you feel like hard work will just kill your body not achieve your dreams. But this is the moment you need to take a day and stop. Change your routine, listen to music, take a walk, ┬ásleep in…….. But do not give up.

When you walk in a circle the same way every day hard and fast and determined eventually the circle wears out. So instead walk in a square and find out how much more you can achieve.

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  • Susan Shumaker · October 10, 2017

    Wow………super charged……super encouragement! Thanks!